1 The most innovative SaaS ERP system

Flexible and efficient management for your company wherever you are in the world - this is what you gain by installing NucleusERP. Where? Anywhere - on your computer, tablet, or smartphone with access to the Internet.

2 Flexible UI Components

DRY approach, modular design are the cornerstones of the modern ERP Systems. NucleusERP introduces many components and each has diffrent variations. This gives you unlimited accounting possibilities.

3NucleusERP Is OpenSource

Nucleus ERP is an open source system, so you can download and use it completely for free, which will help to reduce your company costs. In addition, the system remains opensource for unlimited number of users.

4New possibilities

If you are looking for software that ensures freedom of choice and almost unlimited possibilities, check out what we can offer. With additional modules, managing even a very large company becomes easier and more effective.